The problem

For many manufacturers, sending remnant materials to landfill is sadly the norm. We’re here to say there’s another option; one which will not only help the environment by repurposing these materials, but actively benefit leather producers themselves.


average proportion of leather hide which remains unused by original manufacturers


Quantity of leather repurposed by Far From Lost by 2018


Manufacturers got involved with our business since the launch, August 2018

Our objectives

We search far and wide looking for the finest remnant materials, forging partnerships with the factories, tanneries and distributors who share our belief that remnant materials should not be going to waste.

The beginning

Tanneries purchase rawhide and treat it to make leather.

The middle

A factory then trims, stamps and cuts the leather for use in commercial production.

But not the end

We buy the leftover remnant leather from factories and tanneries helping minimise waste.


Currently, our leather is sourced from San Francisco, Chicago and Northampton, but if you have some remnant material you’d like to see put to good use, we can help. Get in touch, here.



Receive a fair, competitive price for your remnant material.


Help the environment and affect real, tangible change.


Boost your own sustainability credentials.


Free up your inventory space.