Premium remnants sourced from: Horween, Chicago

Handmade in San Francisco's Mission District using remnant football leather sourced directly from Horween’s Chicago tannery, our first Limited Series pays homage to old-school American craft, artistry and sporting heritage. Used in the NFL for over 70 years, football leather is balanced by performance and durability, and finished with an iconic patina to make it one of a kind.



Release Date

Mar 08

Original use

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Design story

Designed by atelier Mark Hanks in the Mission District of San Francisco, our first ever Limited Series posed a few design complexities right from the kickoff. Through the use of sweeping curved lines Mark sought to represent the arcing fluidity of the football itself in flight. We paired the football leather with another prize Horween creation: Essex. Its lighter, fairer appearance helps to balance the unique visual and tactual appeal of our MVP.

Horween Football Sourcing

Sourcing Journey: Horween, Chicago

“It’s a dark, dull day and the rain lashes the sidewalk. Standing outside the factory, it feels a bit like a scene from a graphic novel set in 1920s America.”

Billfold wallet Sample of Remnant Leather

What is remnant leather?

Remnant leather is the material left over once a leather hide has been cut or clicked at the factory or tannery. Especially in the fashion industry, manufacturers will frequently use only a small or specific part of a leather hide, then deem the rest of it to be scrap, even if it’s in pristine condition. This process sounds inefficient and wasteful because it is, especially when you consider so much remnant leather won’t be recycled, but put straight into landfill. We decided to do something about it.