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Design story

A leather which undergoes 89 separate processes taking over 28 days, Chromexcel is produced in Chicago by Horween. Renown for durability and its hand-rubbed finish, little has changed in over 100 years of production. Strictly limited and hand-stitched using pristine remnants from Horween in Chicago, our second signature collection draws upon two flagship leathers each of which are uniquely American. One a homage to sporting heritage, the other reviled the world over as the genuine article.

Billfold wallet Sample of Remnant Leather

What is remnant leather?

Remnant leather is the material left over once a leather hide has been cut or clicked at the factory or tannery. Especially in the fashion industry, manufacturers will frequently use only a small or specific part of a leather hide, then deem the rest of it to be scrap, even if it’s in pristine condition. This process sounds inefficient and wasteful because it is, especially when you consider so much remnant leather won’t be recycled, but put straight into landfill. We decided to do something about it.